Best Ways To Save Money

I learned some money management from Dave Ramsey’s famous book, The Total Money Makeover. Imagine the time when you had no bills and no big responsibilities. You were younger then, right? You may have lived at home with your parents or grandparents. You may have even been called “spoiled”. Then life happens. You have bills, … Read more Best Ways To Save Money

The Best Exercises To Lose Weight

During quarantine and lock down season, one tends to get tempted to snack and sit. These habits are especially easy if you work from home and have carried bad habits over from the office job. I know because I have experienced it before.  Home is harder because there is usually access to the fridge, the … Read more The Best Exercises To Lose Weight

Nutribullet Recipes

This quarantine has brought about more ideas for healthy recipes that I never knew I would have tried. This challenge has inspired me to use my Nutribullet blender for smoothies that would help keep my immune system up  during coronavirus season. Smoothies are a perfect, cool summertime snack. Although many opinions linger out there,  I … Read more Nutribullet Recipes

Foods That Boost Your Metabolism

The immune system is so important that your entire body and its reactions to the environment depend on it. There is such a connection with the human body that it makes you take notice when your metabolism is slow while your immune system is low. Although I am no medical expert and always remind others … Read more Foods That Boost Your Metabolism

How To Invest In the Stock Market

Have you been struggling financially during this season of COVID-19 and racial injustice? If so, you are not alone. I have had those same struggles, and this was years BEFORE this pandemic. As a wisdom wealth encourager, those who know me know that I encourage good health and wealth in all areas of your life. … Read more How To Invest In the Stock Market

3 Reasons To Wear A Face Mask

Tis the season of the infamous pandemic aka COVID-19. While many are scrambling for safety, or searching for jobs, others are working risky essential jobs as many careless shoppers refuse to take safety precautions. Many of these shoppers have either become patients or caused others to become patients because some refuse to wear a face … Read more 3 Reasons To Wear A Face Mask

How To Prevent Spread of Viruses

As you know, the world is in widespread panic now and rightfully so. News of the coronavirus (COVID – 19) have seemingly spread as quickly as the virus itself. As more horrifying news approached, the more precautions that came with it on how to prevent spread of viruses. This applies to all viruses, in addition … Read more How To Prevent Spread of Viruses

Black Seed Oil – Health Benefits

Black Seed Oil: How It Changed My Life Black seeds, also known as black cumin seeds, are tiny seeds of a plant of flowers that grows in the Middle East, Europe and Asia.  Black seeds have a history of uses such as seasoning food and a natural medicine for many ailments. They can be taken … Read more Black Seed Oil – Health Benefits

Wisdom Wealthy – How To Stay Healthy

Ever heard of wisdom is wealth? The richest man in the world, Solomon had it and shared it. Wisdom wealth is  likely referred to money, but becoming wisdom wealthy requires more than fiat currency. It requires discipline and willingness to listen to others’ needs and learn core values to make a difference in their lives … Read more Wisdom Wealthy – How To Stay Healthy