Urban Christian Apparel – A Review

Clickable images to Divinely Taylored Apparel Website. Urban Christian Apparel is not a new movement, but it is a modern and positive one. Ever heard of the term, “oldie but goodie”? This is it. Some modern styles may diversify and repeat over time; however, the concept and message are not new. If you have read … Read more Urban Christian Apparel – A Review

How To Achieve Your Goals

Knowing how to achieve your goals when times seem great for you is one thing, but knowing how to achieve your goals in the midst of chaos is a whole other game. Just when you thought you had it all figured out, boom! Something unexpected came and threw a wrench in your plans. Don’t fret … Read more How To Achieve Your Goals

Benefits of Morning Exercise

Have you ever exercised in the morning one day and exercised in the evening on a different day? If you have tried exercising, then you probably noticed the differences in how you felt each time. I have tried both time frames and discovered the benefits of exercising in the morning vs. the evening. More Energy … Read more Benefits of Morning Exercise

The Disadvantages of Multitasking

Have you ever been reprimanded by a boss about multitasking? One of the requirements for most jobs are to have the ability to multitask. Employers and co-workers complain if you haven’t mastered that skill as they claim they have. I’ve been in that predicament from the start of my work life at 18 years old. … Read more The Disadvantages of Multitasking

The Best Morning Routine For Success

Have you ever overslept for work or an important meeting? You’re fumbling over your shoes and sprinting throughout the house to get ready. Well…that just described me. Yes I am still a morning person, but I had my late moments every now and then. Now, back to you. Your morning routine does not even have … Read more The Best Morning Routine For Success

Is Health A State of Mind?

For generations, the term, “mind over matter’ has been the motto that rang from many tongues in many tongues. In fact, it rings true. You are what you think about and what you speak. Is health a state of mind? According to experts like Napoleon Hill, absolutely. That’s why it is so important to be … Read more Is Health A State of Mind?

Best Foods For Diabetics

To know what are best foods for diabetics, I always add as a disclaimer: first consult your doctor, especially if you are diabetic or have other ailments. Now let’s take a look into my world. Although I have never had diabetes and am generally   healthy, diabetes has been inherited to my younger brother from my … Read more Best Foods For Diabetics

Benefits of Vitamin D

  As I share insight, allow me to reiterate as I have in previous posts that I am no medical expert. I only share from my experiences with a topic or experiences of those I know. Please consult your doctor before taking any supplements or medicine, especially if you have a preexisting condition. On that … Read more Benefits of Vitamin D