You Can Be Successful

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Do you want to learn how you can be successful? Know that success can come with a price. Imagine your life as a roller coaster. It starts out slow and steady, goes up and suddenly down without a stable, straight-forward view of what is ahead, except you heard a rumor of what you may experience. As you head downward, you are suddenly taken through twists, turns, upward and even backward spirals. This what how I described this experience in the book, Supernatural Is Normal: How To Receive Healing, Wholeness & Success

You may also feel a pause as if you are parked but in the end, you feel safe and relieved that the ride is over so that you can get onto a smoother ride. Sometimes after learning from what seems to be an unstable ride, you learn what to expect and whether or not to get into line for the next seemingly more stable ride.

You Can Be Successful – What Is Success?

Success does not always apply to monetary and material things. Success can apply to marriage, completing a task that was put on hold, graduating from school or being a good parent.

Success also involves balance; therefore, any work and time you invested into your work, church and home with excellence will be time and work well-spent.

Excellence does not equal perfection. As an imperfect person, excellence is when you do a task to the best of your ability while relying on God and His ability to achieve positive results.

At times when I wanted to be more like Jesus, I was more like David, an emotional roller coaster. Paul quoted God’s own description of David:

After removing Saul, he made David their king. God testified concerning him: “I have found David son of Jesse, a man after my own heart; he will do everything I want him to do.”

(Acts 13:22)

Although David was a man after God’s own heart, his life was full of ups and downs. The characteristics I love about David are that he saw his faults and was very candid with God about his issues. He repented and moved forward. Each time he moved forward, he was faced with another set back. His songs in Psalms were a mixture of prayers, praise 

and disappointments he shared. He showed that despite his successes, he had to experience failures to become successful. Each experience took him to another spiritual level and he had an even greater anointing when his storms were over.

 When you experience a storm, just remember that you are going through and it is not meant for you to stay there. God reminded me that after making bad choices, I left an abusive situation, not necessarily the marriage. No matter how many mistakes I made even in business decisions, I learned to never give up. God gave me another chance to “get it right” but I had to trust Him to help me succeed in areas where I failed.

I learned not to make the same mistakes in my finances, future relationship, or in my relationship with God. He had to be first in my life and everything else would fall into place. No matter how much you fall, you are not a failure unless you give up.

We are taught that failure is not an option, but the truth is, failure is an option. Every human has free will and has failed before succeeding. Why? It is because failure can be used as an excuse to quit, or it can be used as a tool for learning. Either route you take is your choice. Which do you choose? Making the right choices can help bring you closer to achieving your goals. To find out how, check out my post, How To Achieve Your Goals.

Becoming whole, healed and successful also involves being holy. If you’re thinking, “Whoa I’m not perfect! Humans can’t be holy!” Yes you can! Holy only means that you are set apart. As Christian believers, we are described as a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation a peculiar people…” (I Peter 2:9).

We are different, so as believers we should be willing to make a difference by spreading Christ’s message of love and salvation.

What You Need To Know To Become Successful

There is a cause and effect or reaping and sowing. There are seeds of faith and seeds of doubt, seeds of harmony and seeds of discord. God wants us to sow seeds that will produce fruit of the Spirit. Peace and love are two of the nine Paul teaches about. Satan has no creation, tries to destroy every good seed that is planted and uses people to sow the opposite.

Even when seeds are sown alone, reaping true success is never achieved alone. God has to be first, and He has already sent His comforter to guide you along the way. Awards from achieving success the wrong way are counterfeit and temporal. There are divine friendships and mentors set in place for you to network with and learn from while perfecting your craft. Learning, giving and helping can work together when reciprocated.

Giving is a great part of living. When you give your time, money and talents to others with a good heart, you will reap what you sow. Sow poison ivy you will receive poison ivy. Deposit and sow good seed, you will reap a great and bountiful harvest to rinse and repeat. Give, live, learn and apply what you learn continuously.

You will know that you are successful from your efforts. Then the money will come after you are successful. When you realize this, you are already a successful person.

Thank you for joining me on this movement to help others. I hope this short read has encouraged you in some way. To get a copy of my book, Supernatural Is Normal: How To Receive Healing, Wholeness & Success click on its link and share it with others who need encouragement. Stay healthy, healed and whole.

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