How To Achieve Your Goals

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Knowing how to achieve your goals when times seem great for you is one thing, but knowing how to achieve your goals in the midst of chaos is a whole other game. Just when you thought you had it all figured out, boom! Something unexpected came and threw a wrench in your plans. Don’t fret about it, because that is part of the process. As long as you keep moving during the process, you will eventually succeed.

Divinely Taylored

That is what happened to me. I went from stinking thinking to entrepreneurship. Before the internet, it seemed impossible to learn how to achieve goals of owning a business. Now online businesses like Divinely Taylored Apparel (named partly from my new last name) came suddenly in the middle of a pandemic. The idea was based on a goal to help people achieve theirs. Know that you are divinely tailored by God to be great for Kingdom living.

I had a desire to share wisdom with all you who were struggling the most in 2020. When the virus was doing the most, there had to be alternatives for people to choose from, healthy choices and mindset changes.  Based from the book, Supernatural Is Normal, Divinely Taylored Apparel online store was birth from the passion to teach people how to thrive and not just survive. Take notes on how to achieve your goals.

Speak Life

At the usual college age, I did what I and everyone else who thought was the normal and right thing to do – get my degree and get a job in my field. Well, I tried but it just didn’t work out that way. Even after I had seen career counselors, applied for jobs and careers before finishing school, I had a difficult time finding a job right after graduation. I started speaking negatively that this wouldn’t happen or what I couldn’t do.

Little did I know, I was digging an emotional hole for myself by drowning in my quicksand of sorrows and worry. Worry begat fear and lack of concentration on my goals. School loans were in deferment, which gave me time to find descent professional work, even if it were outside my field. However, loan interest was still increasing.  So as I got what I needed to survive, I complained even more about what wasn’t immediately happening for me.

It took two decades and several jobs later to finally learn how to set desired goals and achieve them. I will not guarantee that these implemented plans work for everyone. I am only sharing what worked for me and did not work for me. Here are some ideas on how to achieve your goals.


Write Down Your Desires

As much writing as I did in and out of college, the one thing I do not ever remember writing down is my goals. I had a desire to be a singer when I was a child. I wrote songs and enjoyed singing and writing. I did not write that down. I also liked being in front of the camera and speaking as a reporter. The major I thought I was supposed to study was not the exact major I needed to achieve that goal.

So I didn’t thoroughly research to enter or change my major. I stuck with it until I graduated. I ended up with a job that was not nearly in my field of interest, but I learned to like it. I conformed without realizing I was conforming, because that is the norm.

If I had precisely written down my goals to research instead of assuming and settling, I could have accomplished my desires as a singer much sooner.  It would have saved me time and hassle. Besides, singing was my true desire, not news reporting. I was just glad I got a job, although it was in the mental health field, then the financial field. Years later, I wrote down my desires and eventually, they came to pass. I co-produced my first album, Divine Favor and became the interviewee instead of the reporter, the mental health staff, etc.

Writing down your desires is just a start and does not guarantee your desires will stay the same. For example, it is not just singing that you desire, it may be the message in the music you sing that pushes you to pursue that field and related fields. Write down your desires and let your mind soar and allow you to transition to your successful area.

Become What You Think About

After writing down your desires, play the role and represent the person you desire to become. I realized I wanted to become an entrepreneur. Singing and speaking under a brand was part of my business. That business transpired to writing books and eventually creating Divinely Taylored message Apparel.

When my business name and products changed, the message stayed the same. They all represented the message of Christ and biblical teachings. They represented encouragement and healing by speaking positively over yourself.

Because I learned the hard way, I was able to learn the right way and teach people to do the same, change the mindset, speaking life over yourself, writing down your goals and acting on them. Become what you think about and watch a significant difference in your life. Watch yourself change for the better, regardless of what goes on around you.

To get access to free updates, discounts on encouraging message tees, masks, facial coverings and hoodies, sign up here for yours while supplies last. Let me know in the comment section what your goals are and what are you doing to achieve them. Please share this message with others who need encouragement and positive change.

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