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Welcome to Get Wisdom Wealthy. Here, we offer insight and tips to improving spiritual and physical health and finances naturally and supernaturally. As you visit each page, I hope that at least one page of your life is inspired to change for the better so that you can pay it forward to someone who needs that little nudge of inspiration.


A Little Of My Story

Originally from the U.S. South, I grew up in the countryside of a typical American family of four but in one of America’s poorest ranking states. My dream was to record an album, write a book, get married to a wonderful man and travel, not necessary in that order. My mom helped me get started with music and my dad inspired me to travel.

Although I started my journey to reaching these goals, most of the journey was quite bumpy. Unfortunately, it was tragedy that inspired me to reach most of them. My father’s passing birthed an album of published songs. My young brother’s recent passing inspired me to complete my first book, Supernatural Is Normal: How To Receive Healing, Wholeness & Success.

Through the pain of their passing from the same illness at young ages, I have been helping others get through painful experiences such as grief, illness and financial hiccups. Many people told me that my music and book helped them get through those low points in their lives.

I’ve learned that success comes with a price, but healing also comes from the price of emotional and physical pain I’ve experienced. From the brokenness and life issues, I had to rewrite my goals, speak life into them and change my mindset. Then I reached my most recent written goal. I met and married my soulmate. Now my life has just begun.



It’s simple. I love helping others. That joy helped me overcome those obstacles and accomplish more goals that I didn’t even name in my story. Helping you is one of the greatest accomplishments. Helping you helps me become better at what I do. Although your life is different, we all share similar emotional outcomes from those different life experiences. I love impacting lives, and sharing something that has helped me could help you with even the slightest similar experience.


The Goal Of Get Wisdom Wealthy

Wisdom is wealth and our goal is to help you live your best life now, so you can pay it forward later. When you experience something great, people can see it and feel your continence. People who need to feel your positive energy are impacted in ways you don’t even realize. Hopefully you can leave here with a smile, the way others have helped me smile through the pain, and revisit my page with your own success story, big or small.

Remember, every bit of success counts, even if you smiled more, hugged your children more, gained more insight, lost more weight or made more money. It shows that you’re on the path to living your best life by living wisely.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below or contact us at michelemtaylor@getwisdomwealthy.com and I will be more than happy to help you. Better yet, send someone you’ve inspired to this page so they can also share their story about how you’ve helped them.

All the best,


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