New Year’s Resolutions? The Fruit of the Spirit

Do you believe in New Year’s Resolutions? I don’t, and it has been years since I had. Apply the fruit of the Spirit. Instead of making a bunch of promises that I can barely keep for myself, I decided to stand on God’s promises and His Word. Rom. 12:12 is a wonderful reminder to “Be … Read more

4 Gift Ideas For Any Occasion

Physical gifts are fun to give, especially if they are a desired gift of the receiver. Have you ever thought about gifts that create memories? These gifts are more than just material items. They can be physical or non-physical. First, let’s explore the physical memorable gifts that can save you money you could have splurged … Read more

Fall For Jesus He Never Leaves

Fall For Jesus..He Never Leaves is my new Fall/Autumn motto.As I write this post, it’s almost Fall, Y’all! Fall For Jesus…He Never Leaves  That’s my new Fall motto now. Are you ready for Fall?I’m loving this truth & this mug! One mug comes in white and another in yellow for Autumn. I designed this mug, … Read more

Faith Over Fear

What does it mean to have faith over fear? You may have heard the term “fearless” countless times. There was even a movie with the same title, but what does it mean? It means free from fear. Other antonyms of fear could be bravery, calmness and fearlessness. There are more, but you understand. Fear itself … Read more

How To Stay Focused

With so many distractions going on these days, it has become harder to concentrate on simple tasks. We all need the ability to focus. Have you ever struggled to complete a task for this reason? Many people have admitted that no matter how hard they try, they don’t know how to stay focused. Here are … Read more

Alkaline Foods List

Have you ever eaten from an alkaline foods list? What they say about your stomach being like a second brain is true. When it is out of whack, it can have a negative impact on your mood, digestion, and energy. The good news is that maintaining your gut health is rather simple. One of the … Read more

How To Build Self-Confidence

From childhood into adulthood, I was so timid. I didn’t know how to build self-confidence, although I built up self-esteem. Does that sound strange? Well, it is strangely common. You may have asked the difference between self-confidence and self-esteem, but we’ll cover that in more detail towards the end of this post. How To Build … Read more

You Can Be Successful

Do you want to learn how you can be successful? Know that success can come with a price. Imagine your life as a roller coaster. It starts out slow and steady, goes up and suddenly down without a stable, straight-forward view of what is ahead, except you heard a rumor of what you may experience. … Read more

Urban Christian Apparel – A Review

Clickable images to Divinely Taylored Apparel Website. Urban Christian Apparel is not a new movement, but it is a modern and positive one. Ever heard of the term, “oldie but goodie”? This is it. Some modern styles may diversify and repeat over time; however, the concept and message are not new. If you have read … Read more

How To Achieve Your Goals

Knowing how to achieve your goals when times seem great for you is one thing, but knowing how to achieve your goals in the midst of chaos is a whole other game. Just when you thought you had it all figured out, boom! Something unexpected came and threw a wrench in your plans. Don’t fret … Read more