Benefits of Morning Exercise

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Have you ever exercised in the morning one day and exercised in the evening on a different day? If you have tried exercising, then you probably noticed the differences in how you felt each time. I have tried both time frames and discovered the benefits of exercising in the morning vs. the evening.  It feels comfortable working out in these new Divinely Taylored biking shorts during these workouts.

More Energy

Although exercising at night was more convenient due to stopping by the gym after work, watching my favorite program and feeling well-rested after a good workout, I noticed I had less energy. I understand the reason I was well-rested and slept like a baby after a good evening shower and workout is because I was exhausted.

After working 8 hours and exercising another hour and a half, I didn’t feel like doing anything else except eating, showering a sleeping. However, when I tried the morning workout routine, I was ready to take on the day. I had more energy even though it was early in the morning. My metabolism was boosted and it made my day run smoothly.

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More Alertness

More alertness is one of the benefits of morning exercise. I had more clarity at work after a good workout than any other part of the day. My favorite morning to workout is on my day off. I have the freedom to wake up because I want to, so I get up early to run on my treadmill or walk around the block.

Sometimes, I just like to dance or lift small weights.  Whichever route I take, I am not pressured to hurry.

I usually have house chores or business chores to do afterward and feel more alert and motivated to complete them. Alertness from exercise is more noticeable because I remember certain tasks without always the need to write them down.

More Weight Loss

One of the benefits of morning exercise is more supported weight loss. I had less of an appetite in the morning and had better food choices that boosted my metabolism. I ate more fruit and veggies in the morning after a good morning workout and drank plenty of water to help flush out all the wasteful food I had eaten before.

I felt lighter each time. It also goes back to having more energy. Everything I felt from a morning routine was all connected to one another. When is your favorite time to exercise if you do: morning, afternoon or evening?

If you start in the mornings, you will see some of the many benefits of morning exercise from your routine. Don’t forget about your Fitbit Watch w/Alexa to help you.  No matter what time of day you start, the best thing you can do is exercise, as long as you start.

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