Wisdom Wealthy – How To Stay Healthy

Ever heard of wisdom is wealth? The richest man in the world, Solomon had it and shared it. Wisdom wealth is  likely referred to money, but becoming wisdom wealthy requires more than fiat currency. It requires discipline and willingness to listen to others’ needs and learn core values to make a difference in their lives … Read more

Does The Law of Attraction Really Work?

Does The Law Of Attraction Really Work? That is the question that many people ask. Although I didn’t ask this aloud, this was in the back of my mind, so I started researching it more as I tried it myself. I watched YouTube videos, read books, watched an inspirational movie twice and even did a … Read more

Increase Metabolism For Weight Loss

Increase Metabolism For Weight Loss. This may seem harder than you think but with time, effort, action and healthy meals, increasing metabolism is really more achievable than you think. The problems many people struggle with are lack of discipline and healthy mindset. These are part of the backbone of successful weight loss. We usually want … Read more

How To Think Your Way To Wealth

Have you ever thought about something before it became a reality for you? It may be in a form of wealth or health. It may have been a car you thought about. Then you started seeing the car everywhere you went. It could have been a person who called you right after you thought about … Read more

About Michele

Welcome to Get Wisdom Wealthy. Here, we offer insight and tips to improving spiritual and physical health and finances naturally and supernaturally. As you visit each page, I hope that at least one page of your life is inspired to change for the better so that you can pay it forward to someone who needs … Read more