The Best Morning Routine For Success

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Have you ever overslept for work or an important meeting? You’re fumbling over your shoes and sprinting throughout the house to get ready. Well…that just described me. Yes I am still a morning person, but I had my late moments every now and then. Now, back to you.

Your morning routine does not even have to be as early as 6 a.m. It can be as late as 9 a.m., as long as it is morning and you have a plan to get as much as you can done. You can even have a list handy the night before you rise and shine. So to prep you, I have broken down one morning routine into bits of habits. Broken down, here is the best morning routine for success.


Wake up early.

If you are not an “early bird”, waking up can be a tough task. However, if you find it necessary to wake up early to get a head start, then this is a start of your success. To wake up early, start with an alarm and not just for the morning. Your body’s natural circadian rhythm can allow you to wake up without an alarm clock. Once you are awake, drink water at room temperature.

Practice using an alarm any time of day for any task. For a fun and unique awakening, try the Sunrise Alarm Clock to help start your day.  If you have sleep disorders, like insomnia, you may want to see a sleep specialist.

Check out my post, for more about slept disorders.

When using the alarm clock to practice waking up, try using enthusiasm and smile as you practice. This helps change your mindset to a positive one and a positive habit. After all it is true that the early bird gets the most worms. In this case it is possible to get more done than before.


Sitting in silence while talking with your Creator allows you to listen to His voice.. that still, small voice that provides you with wisdom and understanding. Prayer can also help clear your mind of all the clutter and allow you to listen for cues and instructions on what to do.

New ideas can manifest while old ones can either be discarded or reintroduced as needed.

Prayer also adds a great opportunity to read scripture and an inspirational Word and write down important information and revelations as they come.


When I woke up, washed my face, brushed my teeth, I didn’t eat anything yet. I only drank a few sips of water and worked out first. This has helped the blood flow so that when I finish, I can think more clearly. Clarity has been one of the end results to a good workout.

The great thing about morning exercise is you can break it down into chunks. Spend 5 minutes warming up with stretches and another 5 or 10 minutes doing high intense workouts to get your heart rate up.

Lastly, take 5 minutes to cool down with more stretches before you shower, which is another great way to jump start your day. Then you can rinse and repeat later that evening or change up your workout to walking or some low impact workouts.

Work on your project.

Do your project in chunks. If you have a job working for someone else, you can time home or side business projects before work. Do as much as you can within your set time frame. Have a stopping place of where you you feel accomplished, so you can start on another part of the project when you return.

If you have more than one project to complete, the second project can be started when you return home.

Do you already have the best morning routine for success? Please share your best routine in the comment below and share this morning routine with someone you know who struggles to get out of bed on time.




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