How To Overcome Fear

Have you ever had an overwhelming fear that you felt you could not overcome? It could have been for a number of reasons, but it was a heavy weight that seemed difficult to rid. From experience, it was a knot in my stomach, I had dry mouth and bead of sweat across my forehead. It … Read more

Do Affirmations Work?

  Affirmations are self-help motives used to help build self-confidence while reaching goals. While that sounds good, do affirmations work?  Well, yes, but it depends on a number of factors. Most importantly, it depends on you. Do you believe in affirmations? If you do, what do you say, and how often do you say them? … Read more

New Year’s Resolutions? The Fruit of the Spirit

Do you believe in New Year’s Resolutions? I don’t, and it has been years since I had. Apply the fruit of the Spirit. Instead of making a bunch of promises that I can barely keep for myself, I decided to stand on God’s promises and His Word. Rom. 12:12 is a wonderful reminder to “Be … Read more

4 Gift Ideas For Any Occasion

Physical gifts are fun to give, especially if they are a desired gift of the receiver. Have you ever thought about gifts that create memories? These gifts are more than just material items. They can be physical or non-physical. First, let’s explore the physical memorable gifts that can save you money you could have splurged … Read more

Fall For Jesus He Never Leaves

Fall For Jesus..He Never Leaves is my new Fall/Autumn motto.As I write this post, it’s almost Fall, Y’all! Fall For Jesus…He Never Leaves  That’s my new Fall motto now. Are you ready for Fall?I’m loving this truth & this mug! One mug comes in white and another in yellow for Autumn. I designed this mug, … Read more

How To Build Self-Confidence

From childhood into adulthood, I was so timid. I didn’t know how to build self-confidence, although I built up self-esteem. Does that sound strange? Well, it is strangely common. You may have asked the difference between self-confidence and self-esteem, but we’ll cover that in more detail towards the end of this post. How To Build … Read more

How To Achieve Your Goals

Knowing how to achieve your goals when times seem great for you is one thing, but knowing how to achieve your goals in the midst of chaos is a whole other game. Just when you thought you had it all figured out, boom! Something unexpected came and threw a wrench in your plans. Don’t fret … Read more