Wisdom Wealthy – How To Stay Healthy

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Ever heard of wisdom is wealth? The richest man in the world, Solomon had it and shared it. Wisdom wealth is  likely referred to money, but becoming wisdom wealthy requires more than fiat currency. It requires discipline and willingness to listen to others’ needs and learn core values to make a difference in their lives as well as your own life. Even the smallest positive gestures can influence someone’s life. Wisdom wealth includes physical, mental, financial and spiritual growth.

Ready to become wisdom wealthy? Become healthy wealthy.  This means learning how to stay healthy and making smart decisions about your health. With all the tempting snacks, it is difficult to stay healthy now, but the more you take care of your body, the less risks of diseases. The less risks of diseases, the less doctors visits. Here are 3 ways to stay healthy: 

Wisdom Wealth  Plan #1 – Drink Plenty of H2O

Although it seems like common sense and the anthem of many athletes, water is essential to every living creature. To live, you must have water. Of course there is more debate over how much water to drink, but from my personal experience, it really depends on a person’s size. At 5’3 130 lbs., I could tell a difference between my drinking four or five 6-8 oz. glasses daily versus my drinking only two glasses. My husband who is normally much taller and heavier than I, has more energy from drinking over a gallon of water daily because of his active and extended work.

As long as you don’t drink too much water according to your size, you will see pounds, inches or both drop off. Remember that clean water purifies you by ridding toxins in your body and helping with good kidney functions. That’s why it is also necessary to stay away from tobacco and sugary drinks and foods. This includes too many carbs because of the sugar breakdown after digestion. If you don’t like the taste of water, try spicing it up with slices of lemon or lime and drinking from a straw. Add a little flavor to your atmosphere as if you were at a fun pool party.

Wisdom Wealth Plan #2 – Strength Training

This form of exercise involves weightlifting, squats, pushups etc. This includes any form of muscle conditioning, including small 3 to 5 lb weights. As a disclaimer, always consult your doctor before performing any exercise or diet.

Speaking from experience, stretching for about 20 secs. per limb before and after any exercise has helped keep me limber and pain-free from various exercises like walking, running, weightlifting and stairclimbing. These are the exercises I have gained the most results from while getting into shape for my wedding day. Individual results vary depending on your tolerance to the types of exercise, the amount of repetitions and consistency you have.

Wisdom Wealth Plan #3 – Pray and Renew Your Mind

Along with prayer, focus your mind for about 10 minutes on your goal and envision yourself achieving your physical goal. For example, if you are searching for peace first, turn on peaceful nature sounds or soft music. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in that setting. As you listen about where you would like to be now. You would be amazed at how real your surroundings sound as you “feel” your environment.

Another way to renew your mind is by practicing your words with a good book. Nowadays, it can even be an audiobook. Let the book speak to you as you take a break from all your hard work. I have had great results from sleeping while listening to a good audiobook. My subconscience mind received it and I still felt as renewed as I did when I listened during my waking hours.

As you receive from books and visualization, practice pouring back into water. That’s right, water. Take 2 cups of water or ice. Speak positive affirmations over one glass and negative words over another glass. Test the experiment with an inexpensive microscope. Watch the difference between the two glasses of water. You will be amazed how powerful your words are.

These three simple and powerful ways to  becoming wisdom wealthy and healthy may take time but with consistency and positive mindset, your habits will become like second nature and you will see positive results. Are you ready to become wisdom wealthy? If you have tried any of these tips, please drop me a comment.

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