Does The Law of Attraction Really Work?

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Does The Law Of Attraction Really Work?

That is the question that many people ask. Although I didn’t ask this aloud, this was in the back of my mind, so I started researching it more as I tried it myself. I watched YouTube videos, read books, watched an inspirational movie twice and even did a vision board. It wasn’t until I read the book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill that I knew I wasn’t crazy. During my research, I realized that I had unknowingly been using the law of attraction after all.

Have you ever thought about a car you wanted and you began seeing it everywhere you go? That is because your mind has become more alert to it as one passes by. This phenomenon is so common that one rarely thinks about the process itself but rather on the object you want. Watch for these signs that the law of attraction is working, and share your experience of any of these signs:

The Law of Attraction Begins With A Desire.

One day, a friend gave me a book called “Peace” at an event where I was to speak on that same topic. A few days later, my brother passed away. I remember bringing that book into my living room but didn’t really notice it was missing until I actually found it until the following events happened in one day.

Gratitude Adds Fuel – The Day I Desired Peace 

Gratitude is one of many expressions and emotions that adds fuel. Waking up everyday is a reason to give thanks. Even when unexpected events occur in your life, find something positive you learned from the negative situation and recognize that it could have been worse. One of the greatest fruit you can receive with gratitude is peace if you desire it. Peace is soothing to your mind.

Exactly one month after my brother passed away, I was in and out of grief. I desired peace in the midst of mourning, but in the morning or throughout the day, I thanked God for those beginnings. I felt a need to write down  scriptures and all of my detailed desires, not only for myself, but for others, including my family. Unexpected break-throughs began to take place. My brother’s 1st missed birthday was almost two weeks from that day, so I went to purchase him a birthday card to write my thoughts to help with the grieving process.  I was so grateful I found this card. I addressed it to his new heavenly address and visualized his new Home. In the card, I thanked my brother for all he did for me and our family and for who he was – a wonderful brother to me, and I will always love him and the rest of our family dearly. In my thoughts, I was  also grateful he was a loving father and son to my niece and our parents.  The card had a lighthouse on it, which was almost identical to the picture on the month of my calendar. That month of my calendar happened to be the month my brother had passed.

Immediately after purchasing the birthday card, a stranger pointed me out for help as I exited the store. Normally I don’t talk to strangers in that manner but there was a sense of peace that came over me. The lady immediately noticed something about me that I never told her and said she was grieving her recently deceased son. By this time, we arrived at the same building where the book, “Peace” was first given to me just weeks earlier. On the passenger’s side where the lady was seated, she spilled a bag of crumbs and tried to clean it up. After she left, I went home and vacuumed the remainder of crumbs under the seat where she sat. Underneath that seat lay the book on “Peace”. I felt more peace from that experience. Had she not spilled the food underneath the seat, I wouldn’t have immediately found the book underneath it.

I also realized the same store where I bought my brother’s card and met the lady was also where the book “Peace” was purchased weeks earlier, because there I saw copies of the same book.  A couple weeks later, I was requested to speak at our own service one evening. Guess what the topic was that I shared? Yep,  “Peace”.

Law Of Attraction Has No Respect Of Person.

You can desire anything small or large. You can think or speak of anything positively or negatively because the law of attraction has no limit. Your mind is like a field. Whether flowers or weeds, whatever seeds you sow will grow. When there is anticipation and expectation, it will come as would something you say you don’t want. When you expect a negative outcome, you may similarly receive it.

The same day I got the card, I secretly desired two more things in the same thought: a larger screwdriver I needed for my new vacuum cleaner and a black car. Although I spoke privately while no human was around, I boldly spoke aloud those two things, “I need a new screwdriver…I would also like a black car.”

That same week, I received a call from a family member asking me if I wanted a car. The following weekend, she pulled up in the car. Can you guess what color? It was black. Not only did I get a car donated to me, but our other relative drove up in their backup car and said, “Here’s your brother’s screwdriver”.  As an engineer, my brother owned a bag of 20 large screwdrivers. among many other tools for work. We only kept one of them, and it was delivered right to my home with the car. Again, I gave thanks for the blessings before and after I received them.

So does the law of attraction really work? If you have experienced even one incident remotely similar to mine, then you know the answer is yes it does work. The above examples and my story are just a few of many ways the law of attraction works. Read the book, Think and Grow Rich. Napoleon Hill reminds us that it all begins with a burning desire, which is a fueled emotion that can attract the object you desire.  If you are grateful, excited and anticipate an outcome, you will receive what you believe and speak. If you have ever heard or experienced the law of attraction, you’re not alone and you’re not crazy. Feel free to drop a comment below and share your story with others.


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4 thoughts on “Does The Law of Attraction Really Work?”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful article. Sorry for the loss of your brother.
    I am very fascinated by the law of attraction and definitely believe it works. I can’t recall strong reminder of events but I know it works that way. One thing what experience what often happens is if you speak out loud that something never happens, like getting sick by example, hand down some virus or cold will go around our house. I am always very mindful what I speak out loud.
    Your story is sad, as you like your brother, but beautiful in the way how all the pieces fall together in your desire for peace. Thank you so much for sharing. I will look into getting the book. Cheers Jude

    • Thank you Jude for your kind sentiments! Yes it definitely was a roller coaster ride at first but with God’s help my brother has proven that he is in a better place and doing well. It was I and my family who needed that peace since we miss him so much, and our prayers were answered. The law of attraction really has worked in so many situations. More stories to come too. Thanks for your support. I also wrote a book on more experiences called
      Supernatural Is Normal, also available on Amazon.



  2. Wow, Michele, what a super blog. I was so excited to find the bible scripture at the top of the post as I absolutely believe the law of attraction is biblical and have had some healthy debates(!) about the subject. I am so sorry for the loss of your brother but so excited you have been inspired to help others to achieve. I also love the whole ‘get wisdom wealthy’ philosophy – I used to hate wisdom but now I love it..

    All the very best for the future,

    Jean x

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comments! Yes my brother motivated me to become successful and I know that he now has what I needed..peace.
      The peace sign was his gesture at his forehead when he took a bow to greet people and I’m just now realizing the connection 🙂

      All the best to you too,



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