How To Think Your Way To Wealth

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Have you ever thought about something before it became a reality for you? It may be in a form of wealth or health. It may have been a car you thought about. Then you started seeing the car everywhere you went. It could have been a person who called you right after you thought about him or her. This is an example of the law of attraction. To see differently, you must think differently. Here are 4 ways To Think Your Way To Wealth:

Believe Your Way To Wealth

To think your way to wealth, you must have faith by believing that wealth can happen to you. Wealth does not only apply to finances. It first applies to wisdom, which is wealth; then it applies to the legacy you leave and the impact your work has on others. Apple CEO Steve Jobs made a great point in his famous commercial, “Think Different”. His point was that it is those who are considered crazy enough to change the world who do change the world. Those are the geniuses. Jobs was the epitome of a genius who left a legacy and impacted the world.

Are you crazy enough to believe that you can do and be anything you desire? It starts with desire. When you believe in something long enough and believe with positive emotions, you will see positive results, even if it starts with small rewards. Small rewards can lead to bigger rewards when you have faith and believe you can achieve them.

Speak Your Way To Wealth

When I struggled with lack of self-confidence, I had to learn the hard way to speak positive words over myself. To think your way to wealth, you must retrain your mind, To retrain your mind, speak positive affirmations over yourself and your abilities.  For example, repeat these words: “I am successful. I am more than a conqueror. I am victorious. I am wealthy.”

The more you repeat positive words, the more you will see results. More importantly, repeat words with positive emotion. The more you react as you speak, the more confident you can become as you affirm. Think of your mind as a field to plant seeds. If you sow positive seeds, you will reap positive fruit. The same works with negativity. To think your way to wealth, you must use wisdom to choose your words carefully. Those who always call themselves broke usually stay in that state and struggle to get out because of their poverty mindset. If you are wealth-conscience, you have a wealthy mindset, which can led to wealthy results.


Wake Up Early and Take Act On It

Wake up and act on what you believe. Just wake up. Make sure you have a restful night first to help prevent insomnia. For more info., check out my first post,  Insomnia: How To Sleep Better.  One of the healthy habits of successful people is waking up early. This also includes getting enough rest at night, despite the contrary belief that it’s necessary to work late with only a few hours of sleep left to start the next day.

To practice the habit of waking up early, you can set your alarm to ring within two increments of 15-20 minutes a day and lay down during this time frame. It can be 15-20 minutes out of an hour, or any time of day, as long as you arise to each alarm with a smile. The goal of your reaction to your alarm clock is to help you with the process of thinking your way to wealth by developing productive habits. This includes utilizing this time to exercise. If your time to rest and wake up is in the evening, you can use this time to complete tasks or exercise.

It may sound crazy to smile each time you get up, but to achieve successful results, you must think outside the box. If your workday starts in the morning, you may try this habit as you wake up to prepare for work. Think differently from the average person. Just like any task, the more you repeat it, the easier and more natural it will become.

Surround Yourself With Successful People

Ever heard of the term, “Birds of a feather flock together”? That’s what can happen with like-minded people. You are there to motivate each other. Build a mastermind group starting with two people. This could be someone you trust who has been successful at the task you need help with, or it could be total strangers with a common idea. That is the great thing about social media or any online platform.

If you haven’t experienced true freedom, it is difficult to avoid negative people if you have to work around them. So, if you have a 9-5, learn as much as you can to use those skills elsewhere such as online, with your mastermind group or with successful business owners of brick and mortar companies. They may allow you the opportunity to pick their brain and learn some hands-on skills. Don’t be surprised if the mastermind or your mentor practices using any or all of the above mentioned habits.

If you have mastered at least one of these skills, you can move on to another skill. The more you learn to think your way to wealth, the more opportunities  you will attract along the way.

If you have any of these habits, feel free to share your experiences in the comments. Questions? Feel free to ask and we’ll be glad to help. We’d love for you to pick our brains.


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