The Best Exercises To Lose Weight

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During quarantine and lock down season, one tends to get tempted to snack and sit. These habits are especially easy if you work from home and have carried bad habits over from the office job. I know because I have experienced it before.  Home is harder because there is usually access to the fridge, the pantry and that stash of snacks you may keep within reach. So to balance with a healthy meal, here are the best exercises to lose weight.


Walking fast pace or at your own pace is a great start. It can help melt pounds and boost metabolism and heart rate if you are consistent. Walking outside is more preferable for fresh air and sunshine (vitamin D). You can even use a step counter on your watch or phone to help you keep up with the steps while you work or run errands. This includes indoor walking around your home, on a treadmill or up and down the stairs, if you have them.  The newest reason for indoor walking is if you are under quarantine or just don’t feel like wearing a mask.

Whether you are indoors or outdoors, walking is a great low-impact cardio workout with effects of longevity. For example, notice many seniors walking. Many of them have been walking for years and have remained consistent. Out of the many seniors I have seen outside walking, I still have yet to meet an overweight elder.


Jogging is one of the best exercises to help with losing weight. It is a fast paced version of walking, except it is naturally much easier to jog outside. Jogging is less stressful on the body than running and with positive results. From experience, I have found jogging to help me lose belly fat. It especially helped me fit into my wedding dress. Jogging is one of my favorite workouts: so because if it great results, I needed to include it on my list.

Weight Training

You don’t have to lift heavy weights to tone muscle. Light weights are just as effective and less strenuous. As a reminder, please consult your doctor before attempting any exercises. This especially includes lifting heavier objects. I prefer light objects; however, this can also depend on different body types.  Since I have a small frame,  consistent use of light weights of less than 10 lbs for each arm and less than 3 lbs each of ankle weights keep me toned. For a more experienced lifter, especially women, weights can be between 25 lbs and 50 lbs combined (much more for men), depending on how experienced the athlete is.

Ab Crunches

Standing crunches or sitting crunches work well, and you can do sitting crunches in the morning before getting out of bed. Ab crunches isolate the abdominal muscles. Sometimes resistance can be used to strengthen and increase skills. When lying down flat on your back with feet flat on the floor,  both hands cuffed loosely behind your head, lift your upper body. Then gently lower it, returning back to lying position. Repeat this exercise for as many times as you are comfortable with.  Some prefer standing crunches because of its seemingly simplified version of sit-ups. Standing crunches can include lifting each leg to meet your elbow and lower the leg back to the ground. Repeat these sets on front and side abs.


Many experts recommend a set of up to 20 squats daily for up to three times weekly.  A squat is a strength exercise in which you lower your body from the hips from a standing position with back straightened as much as possible and rise back to a standing position. Spacing these squats into micro workouts can also help lose weight while gaining healthy results. Just remember as with any exercise, to consult your doctor before beginning an exercise regimen.

This is especially important if you have already been diagnosed with a preexisting condition. Otherwise, squat away. When I first started this exercise, it was difficult to keep my back straight when dipping, The more I practiced, the better I felt and the better my workout.

Do you workout? If so what is your favorite form of exercise? Please comment below and share your weight loss experiences, and share this post with others who may need a little motivation to get moving and stay healthy.

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2 thoughts on “The Best Exercises To Lose Weight”

  1. Hi Michele

    I bought a book called ‘Smart Girls do Dumbbells’ abuot 13 years ago along with a set of dumbells. Around 18 months ago, I finally got them out of the cupboard and actually started using them! I wasn’t so much interested in losing weight as not losing muscle. Over a certain age you need to work at staying strong! My body is really transformed – no old lady arms for me. I can recommend it highly enough. I do lots of squats and lunges holding the weights too – it’s all good for your balance as well.

    After lockdown however (and despite walking for at least an hour every day and doing weights) I couldn’t get into my uniform skirt for going back to work! Have started a plant-based diet as I know in my heart I have been eating a lot of junk and need to sort it out..

    I look forward to checking out more of your articles.



    • Hi Jean

      Sounds like an interesting book. Motivation to use them is a must if you want results. Dumbbells are the way to go, especially if you are already fit for those types of workouts. You are definitely on the right track with those and all those additional exercises and probably in better shape than many 20 yr-olds. I love weight training to get toned but I also have a tendency to snack. Chips are my weakness. Keep up the great work. We need more inspirational people to keep the workouts going.




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