How To Relieve Back Pain

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Imagine waking up and barely getting up out of bed. Not only do you have a headache but your back and joints ache too. Imagine this being your first experience with body aches and pain. This is the experience I recently had for the first time. Since it was my first experience, it was a struggle because I did not even know how to relieve back pain. I just knew I had to take immediate action, and I could not do it alone.

Our Game Plan

Yes, I said “our”Remember in my last statement I said I could not do it alone? Well this is it. After I got up and ate a few pieces of veggies for breakfast to try and help ease the pain, I headed to another room to lie down on a harder, flatter surface that was a little more soothing to my back. Neither the the church’s online service, nor the lying down helped ease the pain I was feeling. I had no idea on how to relieve back pain. My next thought was to call the ER, but that is the last resort due to the pandemic, so I let go of that thought from my mind.

So I called my husband from his sleep to assist me. As he rose to look for me, he finally found me in that room where I was shifting from one position to another just to get comfortable. At this point, every position I tried was unsuccessful until my husband came with a fan, a bottle of rubbing alcohol and a prayer. After eating a light breakfast of oatmeal and raw fruit, I waited another hour or so and munched on two sliced oranges. Almost immediately, the pain subsided. I went from discomfort of sitting anywhere to feeling comfortable sitting everywhere in the home.

How To Relieve Back Pain – The Secret

So what’s my secret? I started with rest. Since I am not a doctor or a scientist, I don’t know what exactly eased the pain, but as a theist, I only know what I did and who did the rest for me.  Spiritually, God healed me. Physically, I took action behind prayer and saw good results. That day, I rested well. I also retired any meat. I only ate fruit, vegetables, nuts for protein and took my vitamins.

I stuck with this regimen for about 2 days, and the next couple of days, I continued except I gradually added a little meat to my lunch and loaded up with more fruit, vegetables and water. The motto is try Jesus and vitamin C, because “faith without works is dead” (James 2:17).

Stretch the Muscles

I continued my dance workout and stretched before and after each workout. I usually did micro workouts throughout the day and danced in the evenings after work. Some dancing started at about 15 minutes, which is about two to three songs. Other times I added 30 minutes to over an hour to my dance time with breaks in between. Since stretches are known for helping oxygen flow throughout the muscles, allow each stretch to last at least 20 seconds. I felt like a new person, especially after eating and drinking the right food hours earlier.

Level Up On Water

Since back ache can be associated with problems such as a urinary track infection, heavy lifting or an old sports injury, it is best to consult a doctor. However, if you have researched and are ready to heal from home, natural remedies work well when used properly. Water is one of those natural remedies. After all, water is part of our body’s make up. One can never go wrong with water, unless you are allergic to it. Water is known for its healing properties and is nourishing to the muscles and circulatory system. The oxygen in water is so refreshing, especially after a workout or after experiencing pain.

If you have been affected by COVID-19, the flu, UTI infection, etc.,  it can cause dehydration, so it is best to increase your normal intake from 6-8 eight oz. cups of water to about 3 or 4 more 8 oz. cups. I also included cranberry juice and a probiotic to help clean the system.

These are just a few regimens and activities I tried throughout my week of recovery to relieve back pain without going to a doctor. I was not in the mood to buy prescription meds, which is what they usually have prescribed to me in the past. During this pandemic, I feel safer self-medicating on a healthy dose of food, water, elderberry vitamins, exercise and rest. After all, these habits worked miracles for me. Have you have ever had back problems? Please share your experience and your solution. You just may guide someone else to good heath and learn something new along the way.



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2 thoughts on “How To Relieve Back Pain”

  1. thanks for sharing you remedy with us i too suffer with back pain and i still suffer with it some days but for me i use hot pack and ginger and turmeric because the ginger and turmeric are good for inflammation and cranberry are very good for inflammation too but some times i just need to slow down and rest and do some yoga to stretch the muscles out.

    • That’s great, ginger and tumeric have been the healing staples I use at times. Cranberry has also worked for me but may not work for everyone especially b/c of the sugar content. For part of exercises, you never go wrong with stretching. Thanks for sharing.


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