Faith Over Fear

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What does it mean to have faith over fear? You may have heard the term “fearless” countless times. There was even a movie with the same title, but what does it mean? It means free from fear. Other antonyms of fear could be bravery, calmness and fearlessness. There are more, but you understand. Fear itself is a form of anxiety. I have personally known people who have had panic attacks when they were gripped with fear.

This is the difference between a temporary fear or even a Holy fear vs. an uncontrollable fear. It is understandable to become startled or even nervous, but when you lose functionality from something that you are afraid of, it can mentally, spiritually, and emotionally cripple and paralyze you.

Fear can prevent you from physically making a move toward successfully getting past it, which can block you from moving closer towards your goal.

2 Timothy 1:7 says, “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” (KJV) We tend to forget that fear is a spirit. Some don’t realize this at all, but it is true. From experience, I have witnessed someone receive prayer from anxiety attacks and fear. After prayer, the attacks disappeared as the person was delivered.

Even Ephesians 6 reminds us (and I’m paraphrasing) that we are not wrestling with flesh and blood or humans, but we are wrestling against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Faith Over Fear – What is Faith?

Faith is believing. According to Hebrews 11:1, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (KJV)

All you need is faith the size of a mustard seed to see results. That small amount of unwavering faith can give you the strength and courage to keep going and keep trying.

Faith is assurance and is a powerful way to help you build self-confidence. To find out more on self-confidence, check out the post, How To Build Self-Confidence.

Not only can you believe in yourself but believe in God. He gives us the desire and strength to overcome fear. You may see and hear about faith over fear that now many are wearing Faith over Fear t-shirts. Declare it as you wear it that you have faith over fear.

How Do You Overcome Fear?

There are ways to overcome fear. One of those ways is through prayer. I’m not trying to get super spiritual or deep, but prayer between you and your Heavenly Father is the best form of communication you can have. One of the reasons is because just as any form of communication, it involves talking and listening.  As I learn this, I can see the correlation with conversation just as we humans converse with one another.

If you know not to interrupt a human who is speaking, then even more respect should be given to God, even if you are not sure you believe in Him. Of course, I would urge you to get to know Him. He has saved many others, including me, spiritually and naturally.

Overcome Fear Through Fasting

Another way to overcome fear is through fasting. Fasting can strengthen your inner man (spirit) as you sacrifice your fleshly desires. In other words, push away the plate, put away social media or turn off your smart phones for a while and concentrate as you consecrate.

You can choose to cease habits of one or all at your discretion after you have prayed about it. This leads to the next point of faith over fear:

Faith Over Fear Through The Word of God

Face it. You read it correctly. It may sound cliche, but you can face your fear by reading the Word of God. It is your sword. With your sword, you can rid any negative spirit that gets in your way. Some people have multiple fears to face.

Face one at a time, but since 2 Timothy reminds us that fear is a spirit, you can call it out with authority as one. That’s why it is important to be a believer and a disciple of Christ. When you follow in faith, you can lead in faith and pray with authority.

For example, “I command the spirit of fear to leave in the name of Jesus!”. When you believe that demons and spirits exist, you can get rid of the fear.

In Summary

To conclude, when you have faith over fear, there is no need to let fear overtake you. Just as God told Moses, Joshua and others, He will let you know that you have nothing to fear. “Be of good Courage”  and “I Am with you” are the reassuring messages He gives. Your job is to receive what He gives. When you receive it, you can confidently go to Him in prayer, fast and read the Word to prepare for battle.

Have you ever tried any of these methods? If so, what were your results? If not, what have you tried to do to overcome fear? Feel free to comment below and share this post with others you know may be struggling with fear.

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