Alkaline Foods List

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Have you ever eaten from an alkaline foods list? What they say about your stomach being like a second brain is true. When it is out of whack, it can have a negative impact on your mood, digestion, and energy. The good news is that maintaining your gut health is rather simple. One of the first ways to a healthy lifestyle is by increasing the amount of alkaline-promoting foods in your diet.

As a disclaimer, these facts are for information purposes only and not medical advice. To avoid food allergies or reactions to any previous medical condition or medications, it is wise to consult your physician before consuming certain foods that you haven’t usually eaten.

Alkaline Foods List

Most alkaline-forming foods can be termed “superfoods” for their healing properties, their nutritious abundance and their ability to help the body maintain a healthy pH balance. A pH balance is the body’s level of acids in the blood which allows the body to function. The kidneys and lungs play an important role in this area.

We can effectively combat the acid we ingest from things like caffeine, alcohol, and some processed foods by eating alkaline-promoting foods. Plant-based foods have been demonstrated to offer a variety of therapeutic effects. Here are 5 examples of alkaline foods with high pH balance.


Although most leafy green vegetables alkalize the body, spinach is a versatile plant and a favorite of many. Because of its mild flavor, even those who dislike greens will typically enjoy spinach.

Spinach is high in chlorophyll, vitamin K, vitamin A, and an endless amount of nutrients. Include spinach in your morning green smoothie, an omelet, or a salad. For a healthy and tasty smoothie, try the Nutribullet fruit and veggie juicer. I own a gray one, but now it comes in a variety of colors to coordinate with your kitchen. You can get smoothie recipe ideas in a previous post, Nutribullet Recipes



Almonds are a great alkaline-forming snack or ingredient to include into any dish. They are rich in good fats, making them filling as well as healthful. Almonds are alkaline-forming due to their high magnesium concentration.



Garlic is a powerful anti-inflammatory superfood with a high alkaline rating. Garlic has been demonstrated to help prevent disease, boost immunity, and fight microorganisms in the body. Garlic is notably used as an ingredient in sauces and as a seasoning in vegetable and meat dishes.


Greens From Beets

Although beet greens aren’t the most popular green in diets, they are one of the finest compliments to smoothies and stir-fries because of their high alkalinity.

In addition to being high in alkaline, beet greens have a bitter taste that may assist increase bile production, allowing lipids to be digested more efficiently. Beet greens can be used in salads, soups, and smoothies in place of any other green.


Kale has a substantially greater vitamin C content than most other vegetables, roughly 4.5 times that of spinach. The truth is that kale is one of the finest sources of vitamin C on the planet. A cup of raw kale has more vitamin C in it than an orange.

Kale includes compounds that bind bile acids and help the body lower cholesterol levels. Kale that has been steamed is very effective. As a bonus to vegetables, some fruits have high alkaline levels.


These fruits are also high in antioxidants, making them excellent cancer-fighting foods. Composed of 92% water, they are also hydrating and delicious. Consider them as the best form of flavored water. Apart from watermelon, several fruits have high alkaline pH levels.


Vegetables are not the only alkaline food. Despite acid in many fruits, oranges and watermelon are just a couple of examples of high pH fruit. They have what the body craves to help detoxify and heal, leaving you with healthy, glowing skin.

Detoxification is a natural process that helps our bodies rid themselves of toxins. Proper alkaline foods not only rid your body of harmful baggage, but they are also tasty to the palette. The Nutribullet is a great way to detox as it blends and uses all the nutrient-filled fruit and vegetables.

A combination of these healthy methods can allow you to gain longevity, maintain your weight and feel renewed. Which of these from this alkaline list do you include in your diet? Feel free to comment and share this post with others who may need to know more about these superfoods.


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