3 Reasons To Wear A Face Mask

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Tis the season of the infamous pandemic aka COVID-19. While many are scrambling for safety, or searching for jobs, others are working risky essential jobs as many careless shoppers refuse to take safety precautions. Many of these shoppers have either become patients or caused others to become patients because some refuse to wear a face mask wash their hands or socially distance themselves. I have always shared how important using wisdom is when making decisions. Wearing a face mask is no exception. In fact it is not just for the new virus, but it protects from old germs too. Gone are the days when you thought you looked silly wearing a mask. This is now the “new norm”. There are a least 3 reasons to wear a face mask:

A Face Mask Helps Protect You From Inhaling Aerosol of Any Kind

Whether you are in a large crowd or standing over six feet away from one person, if someone sneezes, you could be an easy target. Guess why? It is because almost invisible aerosol spray from a cough or sneeze or even a disinfectant is forced into the air like Newton’s Third Law. There is a forced action and forced reaction. Also when one coughs or sneezes, droplets spread like wildfire that can cover an entire room with enough force. Before the 6 foot rule was recommended in the U.S., I thought that 6 feet was not far enough to avoid the path of a pathogen such as a virus.

Instead of taking chances, I used my first  face mask that was given to me to wear outside the home. I’ve even had to use a mask in my own home when around pollen or when a family member was sick. I’ve heard the excuse, “I can’t breathe with a mask on. No worries, there are breathable cone-shaped masks such as the fashionable cone-shaped face mask that has replaceable coffee filters and comes in a pack of 4. Which is worse – your inability to breathe with a face mask, or your inability to breathe without one via COVID-19?

A Face Mask Can Act As a Reminder

You may ask, “What reminder is that?” A face mask can help remind you to avoid touching your face. Most of us touch our face countless times a day without even thinking about it. Can you imagine the times you’ve touched your face after touching other objects and surfaces? Nowadays, you can never be too careful. The many times you touch your face, ask yourself how often do you wash your hands? Even if you are an avid hand-washer with the OCD traits of Howard Hughes, it is very difficult to jump up to wash your hands every time you (without thinking) touch your face. This especially applies when you are at work, although nowadays, many office jobs are making exceptions when you get sticky fingers from too much flammable hand sanitizer.

A Face Mask Can Protect Others From You   

Yes it is a two-way street and goes both ways. As gross as it is, I have witnessed strangers sneeze and cough into their mask.  It is a good idea from protecting others, but it just seems risky to re-exposed yourself to any germs. I personally don’t like doing that, so I keep tissue or a sleeve for that action. My face mask is reserved for breathing into it instead of on others.

Since this virus is so new to us, it is best to avoid it at all cost. I personally have been exposed to it in my own home and while working but fortunately and by the grace of God, I never got sick and I also tested negative each time. At the time, my face masks were reserved for outerwear, including grocery stores and even my own back yard during pollen season. Now since being asymptomatic is possible, wearing a mask or a scarf prevents the spread of infection to others. Also as a reminder, you do NOT have to wear a face mask or face covering when you are alone such as alone in your car or home. You will need to breathe oxygen, not carbon dioxide.

Of course there are more than a few reasons for wearing a face mask, but these a few of the most important reasons to cover your face. If we can not agree on anything else as more businesses continue to reopen, one thing we should all agree own nowadays is to treat our face mask like the traditional American Express card – we should never leave home without it.

What are your thoughts on wearing a mask? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below and share this info. with others.

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4 thoughts on “3 Reasons To Wear A Face Mask”

  1. That’s right…never leave home without it (your face mask)! We wear masks whenever we go out. Here on Guam, you cannot enter an establishment without a mask. But there are still some who don’t believe in it. I would rather err on the cautious side than be afflicted with coronavirus. I don’t understand what’s so hard about it…people protesting from wearing a mask. But then again, I still see people leave the public restroom without washing their hands. So gross! 

    Like you said, its our new norm. I agree with it and I make my husband and kids wear one too. It’s not a problem. As a school teacher, we will be making the students wear one too when we open up in the fall. I know it will be inconvenient…but I’d rather suffer that than be sick. Thanks for a great reminder post! Hope everyone will follow suit. 

    • Thank you Dana! Yes that’s great you all are doing what it takes to stay safe. As an educator, you are making the right decision for your kids at school and your own family.  I know many will not follow suit and have not done so since it started. Many who started are not consistent with wearing masks while they are near others. Unfortunately, it has taken them getting sick or losing someone they know from an asymptomatic in order for them to listen and change. Now businesses have to close back down and cities have to stop travelers from entering due to spikes. Continue to stay safe.

  2. Hi Michele

    We have to wear masks by law to go into a shop here in Scotland. In my workplace (I work for an international resort chain) we have to wear masks all the time which I find a bit hot and exausting. Having said that, if I’m busy and absorbed in what I’m doing, it is possible to forget I’m wearing it.

    I have so much sympathy for nurses who have to wear to not only mask, but a visor and full body suits in a very warm not to mention pressured environments. So I’m going to stop complaining!

    I have no doubt that it will help limit the spread. No more complaining.



    • Hi Jean,

      I’m glad you’re forgetting you’re wearing it, because so many people in my community are still struggling with how to wear it comfortably. Some have given up wearing it while others are hanging in there. I don’t let it bother me b/c I am more concerned about overall safety. I applaud our nurses and other essential workers who understand and do what it takes to stay safe and keep others safe.

      Glad you’re staying safe.


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